5 Strategies to Help You Stick to Your Career Resolutions this New Year

It’s that time of year – gyms are busier than ever, everyone gets to work earlier than they had last year and motivation is in the air.

New Year’s Resolutions are in full gear

A fresh new year always bring so much promise and new possibilities. Most of us resolve to hit the gym more often, eat healthy and stop spending so much money. For job seekers and those eager to make changes in their careers however, making and sticking to New Year’s resolutions is critical.

Every year, 45% of people make resolutions but only 8% stick to them. By mid-February most have dropped their resolutions and pushed them off to next year. By March, they’re completely history.

Here’s how to stop being part of the 92%

1) Review your resume and make a point to update it

When was the last time updated your resume? If you’re searching for a job, you obviously have a current resume. But have you asked yourself if your resume is really working for you? Is it promoting your skills the way it should? It’s always a good idea to polish it up whenever possible. Make sure you include anything new you’ve learned or worked with last year, a link to your LinkedIn profile, volunteer experience and most importantly, keywords particular to your industry.  Take the time to redevelop your resume or partner with a resume writer to get your search off on the right foot.

2) Develop/improve your online presence

Remember when we talked about how crucial LinkedIn is to your career? If you haven’t created a profile yet, this is the time to do it. If you have an existing profile, ask yourself if it’s complete – does it include your all your relevant positions, have you written it in first person, are you using LinkedIn groups to your advantage and are you connecting with people who will help you progress your career? Having an online presence doesn’t just at LinkedIn. Make sure you’re googleable and using Twitter and Facebook to your advantage.

3) Network the good old fashioned way

Having an online presence is expected to be even more important in 2013, but it’s important to compliment your online networking strategy with offline networking efforts. Create relationships with Recruiters, Consultants you’ve worked with in the last few years or create opportunities to have a mentor.

4) Create a game plan

Goals are easier to accomplish when you’ve created a blueprint. Write down realistic and reachable career goals and try to make them quantifiable whenever possible. Perhaps you’d like to make contact with 4 hiring managers a week or have 1 resume a week. Maybe you’d like to work a particular project that you know will give you more exposure at work. Whatever your goals, creating a game plan allows you to keep track of your progress and helps you stay motivated.

5) Reward yourself along the way

Positive reinforcement does wonders for motivation. Setting mini goals along the way not only makes your goals easier to achieve, but it allows you the chance to reward yourself every time you reach a milestone.

Whatever your resolutions this new year, having a resolution is a great way to motivate you to improve your career.

What are your New Year’s resolutions this year?

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