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Stop Putting your photo on your resume

Did you notice that none of my kick ass resume templates have pictures on them? They don’t even have placeholders for your photo and this is by design (pun intended). There’s been a lot of debate over whether or not it’s a good idea to include a photo on your resume. The answer is no! Do not put your photo on your resume! No matter who tells you that it’s a good idea, don’t do it. I don’t give

How to Beat the Competition at the Job Interview

Congratulations! Whether you wrote your resume yourself or got a little help, it has done it’s job of getting you to the next step of your job hunt – an interview. Now here’s how to beat the competition at the job interview. Before we get started… Some of you may have friends willing to go this far for them at a job interview But for the majority of you who’s friends won’t voluntarily dunk their heads in fish tanks … Here are three

How recruiters really work

You have a kick ass resume and ready to start your job search. Some people tell you to contact recruiters; they’ll help you find a job. If there’s one thing I’ve discovered though, it’s that most people HATE recruiters. Look at all the angry comments at the end of this post. When people think of Recruiters, they think of agents. When they think of agents, they think of someone like Ari Gold

The post interview thank you letter you don't want to send

After interviewing what felt like 100 people yesterday, I received three thank you letters. Of the three, only one got it right. What confuses most people is that they truly believe a thank you letter is simply a ‘thank you’. It’s not! It’s your second chance at selling your skills and promoting your personal brand. It’s one of the strongest ways to market your skills but often the most neglected. A thank you letter does the following: Gives you a chance to reiterate your strengths Allows you

What to do before quitting your job

You’re thinking of quitting your job. You feel that there are no career advancements. You’re getting paid less than you deserve. You’re not challenged. You feel you’re being mistreated. Whatever the case, you’ve polished up your resume and you’re ready to move on. Before you walk into your boss’ office and announce that you won’t be coming back tomorrow, you need a strategy. Ever dream of quitting your job like this? It worked for Marina Shifrin,


We’ve all experienced that gut wrenching feeling when you realize you’ve made a mistake on a document… right as you’re hitting the send button. We know how important it is to write a sparkling resume, but there is always the possibility that there is an inadvertent error somewhere. One that you missed. Maybe a comma instead of a period or perhaps a different bullet point. But sometimes resumes mistakes are downright hilarious. Errors like

It’s that time of year – gyms are busier than ever, everyone gets to work earlier than they had last year and motivation is in the air. New Year’s Resolutions are in full gear A fresh new year always bring so much promise and new possibilities. Most of us resolve to hit the gym more often, eat healthy and stop spending so much money. For job seekers and those eager to make changes in their careers however, making and sticking to New

Why LinkedIn should be your

If you are either looking for a new job or want to develop your career and are not on LinkedIn, you’re missing out BIG TIME. LinkedIn is a job seeker’s best friend Key hiring decision makers are using LinkedIn as their #1 tool for recruiting. Not only can they post jobs on LinkedIn, but hiring managers can actually search profiles and make a decision on who they’d like to contact.  If you’re not on LinkedIn, you’ve just lost access to

Accepting a counter offer

So, you have your awesome resume, aced your interview and ended up with a job offer. Now you just have to quit your current job. Have you considered accepting a counter offer if your current boss gives you one People get caught up in the flattery and don’t realize that it’s detrimental to their careers to accept a counter-offer. Picture this typical scenario about accepting a counter offer: Greg has been unsatisfied with his job


Social media can do wonderful things for your career. Look at all those stories of people getting job offers based on their tweets.  In fact, some companies request that their sales professionals have a specific number of followers on Twitter. Of course, the assumption here is that they could spread the word on their product or service through Twitter. Now, I’m a big fan of networking and sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter help your career progress. It allows