Stop Putting your photo on your resume

Did you notice that none of my kick ass resume templates have pictures on them? They don’t even have placeholders for your photo and this is by design (pun intended). There’s been a lot of debate over whether or not it’s a good idea to include a photo on your resume. The answer is no! Do not put your photo on your resume! No matter who tells you that it’s a good idea, don’t do it. I don’t give


We’ve all experienced that gut wrenching feeling when you realize you’ve made a mistake on a document… right as you’re hitting the send button. We know how important it is to write a sparkling resume, but there is always the possibility that there is an inadvertent error somewhere. One that you missed. Maybe a comma instead of a period or perhaps a different bullet point. But sometimes resumes mistakes are downright hilarious. Errors like

No matter what you’ve been told, resumes are not ‘one size fits all’. A resume is designed to sell or market your particular skills, experience and accomplishments to prospective employers. One of the most important decisions job seekers are faced with is what resume format is best for them. Although there are several types of resumes, the three most common are the following: Chronological By far the most common type of resume and one where your experience is highlighted by

So you’re back from spring break and getting ready for graduation, now what? If you’re anything like most graduates this year, you’re nervous about the unemployment rate. Don’t fret, despite headlines of grim unemployment rates, there are jobs out there for recent grads! The competition is fierce and you’re not just competition with other college grads, you will be competing with so many who have recently lost their jobs and are willing to take more junior positions.It important to be prepared