Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

With increasing layoff numbers, we’re in a tough market these days. In such a highly competitive job market, job search mistakes are less forgiving and far more rigid. Anyone from the top executive to recent grads is prone to making job search mistakes.

Here are some common mistakes that job seekers make and how to avoid them:

1) Having an ineffective resumes

As I’ve mentioned many times before, having an effective resume that markets your skills is by far one of the most important steps but unfortunately, one that is often neglected. For every one job, there are hundreds of applicants sending their resume which hiring managers will skim for mere seconds. Because of this, it’s critical that your resume sells you instantly and gets to the next step, an interview.

2) Applying to every job

It’s a well known fact that job searching is a numbers game. However, this doesn’t mean that every job available is right for you. It’s important to search for a job having a clear search plan in mind. Almost everyone has a specific career path, therefore applying to jobs that are a good fit for your experience, education and goals is vital to finding the right job. Hiring managers know when you’re sending mass applications and will simply toss your resume. So save your time and stay focused.

3) Not asking for help

Start spreading the word and don’t be ashamed of looking for a new job because everyone does at one point. Most jobs are not even advertised meaning that you will never know about them unless you talk to the right people. Don’t think that someone is too junior to help either because you never know if a friend of a friend of a friend can help. This doesn’t mean that you have to hound people to find you a job, but let them that you’re actively looking and would appreciate any leads.

4) Getting Discouraged

Job searching is a full-time job! A few luck people will get a job on their first try, but for the majority will come across several rejection letters before finding the right job for you. I’ve personally seen many get discouraged and give up. They stop leaving the home, stop socializing and stop networking with people to get leads. One of the more important things you can do is to stay active, continue to network and perhaps join professional organizations, go to free seminars and workshops, etc. Keep motivated and treat your search like a job by starting early in the morning. And like a job, take a few hours off when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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