Please Stop Putting Your Photo On Your Resume

Stop Putting your photo on your resume

Did you notice that none of my kick ass resume templates have pictures on them? They don’t even have placeholders for your photo and this is by design (pun intended). There’s been a lot of debate over whether or not it’s a good idea to include a photo on your resume.

The answer is no! Do not put your photo on your resume!

No matter who tells you that it’s a good idea, don’t do it. I don’t give the option on my resume templates because, as a recruiter, I’ve been on the other side. I know that not all hiring processes are created equal. Some are not fair… even when they mean to be.

Have you heard of unconscious hiring bias?Blind hiring

Bias is an unconscious feelings we have towards other people or groups. This bias affects us and our decision-making processes. Meaning that when hiring, our unconscious bias may affect candidates we select to interview and ultimately offer the job.


As people,  it’s natural to gravitate towards something similar to us. Hiring managers don’t even realize this is happening, but could be choosing candidates who looks like them. The recruitment industry’s reality is that racial and gender bias is still very common. It’s a fact.

Every company will tell you they don’t discriminate. They’ll even have a disclaimer on their job descriptions and fancy wording around their commitment to diversity. The truth however, is that bias during the hiring process is unconscious. No company can guarantee their employees won’t discriminate when hiring since they can’t control the biases of each of their hiring managers.

I hope I haven’t given you yet another reason to hate recruiters, as the comments on this post show… ouch!

Why give more reason for this bias to occur by including a photo on your resume?

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“But my photo is on LinkedIn”

And you’re right, your picture is on your LinkedIn profile and likely on your other social media profiles. Since employers are checking those anyway, shouldn’t it be ok to include a photo on your resume as well. The answer is still no.

Most hiring managers will check out your LinkedIn profile after they’re already read your resume and are interested enough to go further. Since looking at your LinkedIn profile is often step two when screening resumes, they’re less likely to allow their biases change their mind.

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