Career Change

What to do before quitting your job

You’re thinking of quitting your job. You feel that there are no career advancements. You’re getting paid less than you deserve. You’re not challenged. You feel you’re being mistreated. Whatever the case, you’ve polished up your resume and you’re ready to move on. Before you walk into your boss’ office and announce that you won’t be coming back tomorrow, you need a strategy. Ever dream of quitting your job like this? It worked for Marina Shifrin,

You’ve heard the term “think big” and “don’t live in the past”, but how many times have you heard “don’t live in the future” or “think small”? Personally, I believe this piece of advice is helpful in our personal lives as well as our professional one. Do you ever say “I’ll start that diet tomorrow”, “I’ll clean out the garage next week”, or “I’ll look for a better job next year”. Why do we do these things? Because in the future, you’re happier,

No matter what you’ve been told, resumes are not ‘one size fits all’. A resume is designed to sell or market your particular skills, experience and accomplishments to prospective employers. One of the most important decisions job seekers are faced with is what resume format is best for them. Although there are several types of resumes, the three most common are the following: Chronological By far the most common type of resume and one where your experience is highlighted by