Career Planning

What to do before quitting your job

You’re thinking of quitting your job. You feel that there are no career advancements. You’re getting paid less than you deserve. You’re not challenged. You feel you’re being mistreated. Whatever the case, you’ve polished up your resume and you’re ready to move on. Before you walk into your boss’ office and announce that you won’t be coming back tomorrow, you need a strategy. Ever dream of quitting your job like this? It worked for Marina Shifrin,

It’s that time of year – gyms are busier than ever, everyone gets to work earlier than they had last year and motivation is in the air. New Year’s Resolutions are in full gear A fresh new year always bring so much promise and new possibilities. Most of us resolve to hit the gym more often, eat healthy and stop spending so much money. For job seekers and those eager to make changes in their careers however, making and sticking to New

Accepting a counter offer

So, you have your awesome resume, aced your interview and ended up with a job offer. Now you just have to quit your current job. Have you considered accepting a counter offer if your current boss gives you one People get caught up in the flattery and don’t realize that it’s detrimental to their careers to accept a counter-offer. Picture this typical scenario about accepting a counter offer: Greg has been unsatisfied with his job

You’ve heard the term “think big” and “don’t live in the past”, but how many times have you heard “don’t live in the future” or “think small”? Personally, I believe this piece of advice is helpful in our personal lives as well as our professional one. Do you ever say “I’ll start that diet tomorrow”, “I’ll clean out the garage next week”, or “I’ll look for a better job next year”. Why do we do these things? Because in the future, you’re happier,