How to Beat the Competition at the Job Interview

Congratulations! Whether you wrote your resume yourself or got a little help, it has done it’s job of getting you to the next step of your job hunt – an interview. Now here’s how to beat the competition at the job interview. Before we get started… Some of you may have friends willing to go this far for them at a job interview But for the majority of you who’s friends won’t voluntarily dunk their heads in fish tanks … Here are three

The post interview thank you letter you don't want to send

After interviewing what felt like 100 people yesterday, I received three thank you letters. Of the three, only one got it right. What confuses most people is that they truly believe a thank you letter is simply a ‘thank you’. It’s not! It’s your second chance at selling your skills and promoting your personal brand. It’s one of the strongest ways to market your skills but often the most neglected. A thank you letter does the following: Gives you a chance to reiterate your strengths Allows you

Why haven’t you gotten a job, or the job you want? Do you find you’re second runner up or not even in the race? We are in the middle of a tough market where companies are drowning in resumes and layoffs are rampant. The competition is fierce and you simply can’t afford make a mediocre attempt at getting a job. Your game plan has to be top notch and you have to go above and beyond what is expected to get

Years ago, almost right out of school, I applied to a job for which I was obviously under qualified. I was armed with two things: A horribly written resume – Having very little experience in the job market and absolutely no idea how to write a decent resume, I did something I warn everyone against today: I used a template. The hiring manager thankfully got past my disastrous resume. Once I got an interview, I prepared. I anticipated interview questions and knew

If you’ve made it to the job interview, chances are you’ve worked hard to get there. You’ve polished up your resume and cover letter, prepared for the interview and are now in front of the hiring manager. Here’s where you impress the hiring manager and convince him/her that you’re the person for the job. Either due to poor job interview preparation, overconfidence or just sheer nerves, there are

I’ve been on both sides of the interviewing process. I’ve been interviewed and have interviewed hundreds if not thousands of applicants as a recruiter. Some of the things people do are downright entertaining. I’ve had applicants bring their kids to interviews, answer their cell phone and even bring their lunches. It goes without saying that, although entertaining, this is unacceptable. There’s more to the list like dressing inappropriately, lying, etc. These certainly make you look dumb, but the following are things