Job Search Tips

How recruiters really work

You have a kick ass resume and ready to start your job search. Some people tell you to contact recruiters; they’ll help you find a job. If there’s one thing I’ve discovered though, it’s that most people HATE recruiters. Look at all the angry comments at the end of this post. When people think of Recruiters, they think of agents. When they think of agents, they think of someone like Ari Gold

The post interview thank you letter you don't want to send

After interviewing what felt like 100 people yesterday, I received three thank you letters. Of the three, only one got it right. What confuses most people is that they truly believe a thank you letter is simply a ‘thank you’. It’s not! It’s your second chance at selling your skills and promoting your personal brand. It’s one of the strongest ways to market your skills but often the most neglected. A thank you letter does the following: Gives you a chance to reiterate your strengths Allows you

What to do before quitting your job

You’re thinking of quitting your job. You feel that there are no career advancements. You’re getting paid less than you deserve. You’re not challenged. You feel you’re being mistreated. Whatever the case, you’ve polished up your resume and you’re ready to move on. Before you walk into your boss’ office and announce that you won’t be coming back tomorrow, you need a strategy. Ever dream of quitting your job like this? It worked for Marina Shifrin,

It’s that time of year – gyms are busier than ever, everyone gets to work earlier than they had last year and motivation is in the air. New Year’s Resolutions are in full gear A fresh new year always bring so much promise and new possibilities. Most of us resolve to hit the gym more often, eat healthy and stop spending so much money. For job seekers and those eager to make changes in their careers however, making and sticking to New

Why haven’t you gotten a job, or the job you want? Do you find you’re second runner up or not even in the race? We are in the middle of a tough market where companies are drowning in resumes and layoffs are rampant. The competition is fierce and you simply can’t afford make a mediocre attempt at getting a job. Your game plan has to be top notch and you have to go above and beyond what is expected to get

Years ago, almost right out of school, I applied to a job for which I was obviously under qualified. I was armed with two things: A horribly written resume – Having very little experience in the job market and absolutely no idea how to write a decent resume, I did something I warn everyone against today: I used a template. The hiring manager thankfully got past my disastrous resume. Once I got an interview, I prepared. I anticipated interview questions and knew

The very idea of negotiating salary, vacation or anything else with a potential employer makes most people nervous. However, keep in mind that your skills are a commodity and certainly hold market value. If you are working with a headhunter or contingency recruiter, they will likely negotiate your package because better the package they negotiate for you, the better you do, the better they do. If you found this position on your own however, it’s essentially up to you to

No matter what you’ve been told, resumes are not ‘one size fits all’. A resume is designed to sell or market your particular skills, experience and accomplishments to prospective employers. One of the most important decisions job seekers are faced with is what resume format is best for them. Although there are several types of resumes, the three most common are the following: Chronological By far the most common type of resume and one where your experience is highlighted by

So you’re back from spring break and getting ready for graduation, now what? If you’re anything like most graduates this year, you’re nervous about the unemployment rate. Don’t fret, despite headlines of grim unemployment rates, there are jobs out there for recent grads! The competition is fierce and you’re not just competition with other college grads, you will be competing with so many who have recently lost their jobs and are willing to take more junior positions.It important to be prepared