The Biggest Resume Myth Ever

“A resume should be no more than one page”

Of all the resume gibberish I’ve heard, this is by far the worst. Where did this even come from and why do people still believe this?

Your resume is the most important document of your job search. It important to think about what resume writing strategy works best for you. Unless you’re at the beginning of your career with very little experience, there is absolutely no reason to cram all your experience on a one page resume with an 8-point font size.

You’ll accomplish two things with a crammed one-page resume:

  1. You’ll piss off the reader since they’ll have to squint to read your font, which translates into them giving up and moving on to the next one.
  2. You won’t be able to highlight your strengths and career milestones because everything is packed on the one page.

Have a 6 page resume is also a huge no-no, but if you have the experience and accomplishments, don’t be afraid to go to two pages. It’s extremely rare that a company will specifically request a one page resume, so why sacrifice your resume’s readability to conform to a myth?

Rule of thumb for the first page

The most important rule is that the first page, which I like to call the high rent district, include the most important information. Meaning it should compel the reader/hiring manager to continue reading. Here you should include important accomplishments, strengths, quantifiable details and most importantly, your brand should be crystal clear just from the first page.

Your resume is a marketing tool with the purpose of creating enough interest that a hiring manager will request an interview. You have to put your best foot forward and more often than not, you’ll need more than one page to articulate this eloquently.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself about your resume:

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